La Lune

Written By Ciara O’Neill


Don’t close your eyes on a fight

Make your peace, then turn out the light

Don’t fear the dark unknown

I’ll help you find your way back home


La lune, la lune, la lune, *la lune voit tout


Don’t be scared it’ll turn out just fine

Even the worst days will rise with the tide

Don’t you settle for anything less

Than what you deserve live no regrets


La lune, la lune, la lune, la lune voit tout


Don’t look back just start where you are

One step at a time just you, me the stars

Don’t avoid change there are so many roads

Even the seasons will turn green to gold


La lune, la lune, la lune, la lune voit tout

*English translation

The moon sees everything

CiaraONeill - Motif

Le Soleil

Written by Ciara O’Neill


Bridging the hour ‘tween day and night

Land sliding to the sea

Sit here for hours from low to high tide

The colours reflecting on me

In searching for answers i’m led to believe

There are none so blind as those who don’t feel

All of the darkness and all of the pain

To know joy you have to know fear


The future will come, just like the sun

It’s as certain as the changing of the leaves

I’m living days that some are denied

I won’t take that for granted again

I’ve travelled so far, so far from myself

I was walking a strangers shoes

I try to avoid it but sometimes the past

Feels closer on these rainy afternoons


Life’s full of surprises, excitement and crises

We’ll deal with whatever comes our way

Some people shine brightest and some aren’t the nicest

Just rise above them is what you always say


Just like the sun

Just like the sun

Le soleil se lève toujours *

*English Translation

The sun always rises

CiaraONeill - Motif


Written By Ciara O’Neill


Give yourself to the arrow

Give yourself to the spark

Give yourself to peace and love

and things that break your heart

Give yourself to the earth

Give yourself to the sun

Give yourself to everything

That makes you wanna run


Cos my arrow seems to point away from home

But where it leads me, i’ll never be alone

And my arrow places me here today

And I will listen to what it has to say


Give yourself to joy

Give yourself to pain

Give yourself to the moment

and things will go your way

Give yourself to everything

That makes a wrong a right

two wrongs won’t make it easier

Or help you in this life


It can guide me by day

Oh and lead me by night

I promise everything will be alright

It can guide me this way

Oh and lead me astray

I promise, I promise, I promise


CiaraONeill - Motif


Written by Ciara O’Neill, Drew Ramsey & Alex Zimmerman


I got a trail of lost loves

Haunting me at night

Their voices still whisper

Making me shiver

Til the morning light


How many hearts 

Have I tore apart

Without ever striking a blow

Some were angels, some were sinners

I’m not one to judge souls


Please forgive me, I know not what I do

All this time I thought

It was something wrong with you

but now i’m certain

I done the hurtin’ 


The sun sheds light on this hard truth

Here i’m alone again

The trace of your scent 

Is growing more thin

Reminding me it’s the end

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